Atlas and Atom of, the Bitcoin forums, the TF2 Exhchange, and the upcoming Used Underwear Store.


It is thought that Atlas and Atom may be made of some sort of super light-absorbing, non-reflecting allotrope of Carbon.


Viewing of this show is not recommended in the presence of young children, as Atom was unable to think of articulate phrases and thus resorted to random curses and epithets.


Guest: Atom and Atlas from the forum join us today and speak about their new radio podcast

What HappenedEdit

Atom went off the deep end, dragging Atlas along into a cavalcade of insanity. Luckily, Bruce was up to the task of overcoming this, and he layeth the smacketh down all over Atom's candy ass. During the episode, Bruce unleashed an unprecedented barrage of Truth Bombs which left no lie standing. Even Ed got into the act, letting out a hearty guffaw after hearing about Atom's plans to sell used underwear and socks.


Episode 15 on YouTube