Did you mean: Buttcoins?

If you are expecting a picture of a bitcoin you won't find it here. That is either because bitcoins cannot be photographed, or bitcoins aren't real.

So, Bitcoin is a lot like Chuck-E-Cheese.

You go in with a large amount of USD (which is almost certainly your parent's money, not your own). You take this new currency and play around with it on various games (investments, mining), that spit out tickets. Since you have no conception of the value of things, you don't realize that you've actually lost money every time you acquire a ticket. Then, you take your stupid tickets and exchange them for stuff you wouldn't ever pay USD for like spider rings and witch fingers(internet beef jerky).

The entire time you don't realize how stupid it is, because a giant anthropomorphic rat (Bruce Wagner) keeps telling you how awesome it is and how much fun you're having.

Also, the pizza is lousy. (the flying orc)

If you think you have bitcoins, they might be spent at Meze Grill (but not on burritos) or at Memory Dealers