Atom dragging Atlas into a World of Crazy

Atom is crazy. Damn crazy. And it appears he has lead Atlas into this World of Crazy. Please Atlas, don't give in to the crazy!

Atom is the alpha of his little commune of bitjunkies. He uses this position to should technolibertarian buzzwords and catch phrases while he waits to obtain a license for his used socks and underwear business. His favorite phrases are "Think People" and "We're just like the Apaches." Atom also knows literally nothing about the Apache people and their rich history.

Physically, Atom is a black man. Literally. He reflects absolutely no light and the only emotion he expresses is in subtle gestures from his fedora. It is unknown if his albedo of 0 is because of a cold dark soul or if its because he does not bathe. Some scientists theorize that Atom's craziness is so dense that not even light can escape it's pull. This explains Atom's "black" apperance. Only 2 substances are known to be able to withstand the pull of such massive crazy; Bruce's amazing intellect and Ed's bullshit detector (finely tuned from years of frugality). Scientists at CERN are working on a way to split Atom's craziness to see if it is made of more fundamental craziness. He wears a hat made out of solid molybdenum foil because only that can keep out the federal government's mind rays. In some images, there is a strange glow coming from near him, which might be some form of Cherenkov radiation interacting with his environment.


This is Atom's Hat. It is what inspired the Team Fortress 2 Hat to Bitcoin exchange.