Atlas is the pre-eminent expert on Bitcoins, Libertarianism, Moderating, Stock Exchanges, WikiLeaks, Money Laundering, Charity, Inflation, BitMining, Lending, Private Armies, Crashes, Speculation, Monopolies, History, Wealth Distribution, Lobbying, Credit Unions, Law, Infrastructure, Israel, Ron Paul, Labor Costs, Corporations, Liberals, the Free Market, Technology, Advertising, Regulation, Fiat Currency, Etiquette, Investment, Logic, Anarchism, Podcasting, Religion, Capitalism, Javascript Mining, Unemployment, Foreign Reserves, Conservatives, Open-Source, Poverty, Freedom, Taxes, Advertising, Economic Models, Armageddon, Society, Conspiracy Theories, Internet Security, Justice, and particularly Team Fortress 2.

His posts on educate the masses on these topics and more, so much so that he was made a moderator there in a record time. Few can withstand the ferocity of his arguments, the blows of his logic and reason pummelling those who attempt into a cowering mess. He is also a confirmed Anarcho-Capitalist.

He was a guest on an episode of The Bitcoin Show, and regaled both believers and non-believers with his wide-breadth of knowledge. Unfortunately he was overshadowed by his partner Atom, who displayed a degree of crazy that shocked and appalled both the OnlyOneTV viewers and Bruce and Ed (Ed in particular started laughing ON CAMERA at one of Atom's outbursts). However, it should be noted that at no point did Atlas protest the insane rambling of his partner Atom, in pointed fact, he was often agreeing with him and interjecting his own additions to the pile of craz that Atom was presenting, due to some unknown pressure that Atom is able to exert upon him. As a result of this Bruce believes he was set up by the OnlyOneTV viewers, who were actually as unprepared for the degree of insanity Atom displayed as Bruce was.